Human Animal Solutions

In Memoriam

Lightning Extraordinary Therapy Dog

ann and lightning

Lightning exemplified the indomitable canine spirit. He surmounted numerous emotional and physical obstacles to become a therapy dog, giving back to the species that had inflicted horrific abuse on him.

Abernathy Terrierist

Abernathy was the source of great learning for our family, providing numerous challenges to the peace of our household.  Nonetheless, he lived a full life of 10 years before we said goodbye to him as a result of a brain tumor.

Siobhan Therapy Dog

Siobhan was with us an exceptionally short time, yet her memory will last much longer than the actual time she spent with us. We said goodbye to her in March, 2009.

Merlin Therapy Dog

In Memory of Merlin (Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier), Therapy Dog

Photographer: Kari Blunck

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. He worked as a therapy dog for 11 years. We said goodbye to dear Merlin in November, 2007 (too soon).

“Some people only dream of angels. I have held one in my arms.”
– author unknown

Troi Therapy Dog

Photo courtesy of Kari Blunk

Perhaps my best therapy dog. Troi left us in 2004 after nearly 10 years’ work.


Boy hugging golden retriever puppy