Human Animal Solutions

Staff & Partners

In addition to Human Animal Solutions’ Principal, Ann R. Howie, these people may assist with your consultation needs.

Douglas C. Howie, P.E.

Doug was a licensed Delta Pet Partners Instructor and Team Evaluator for more 10 years. He has been providing AAA/T with dogs in medical, psychiatric, and rehabilitation settings since 1990. Even though he is licensed as an engineer, he is a fun guy to be with.

Jennifer Hamilton M.A.

Jenny was a licensed Pet Partners (formerly Delta Society) Instructor and Team Evaluator for more than 10 years. She co-founded an AAA/T program at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, California, in the mid-1980s. She has provided consultation to facilities wishing to begin AAA/T programs, and she has been providing AAA/T in medical, psychiatric, rehabilitation, and chemical dependency settings since 1990.

Sue Cook

Sue was a licensed Pet Partners (formerly Delta Society) Team Evaluator for 8 years. She works extensively with the Providence Animal-Assisted Activities and Therapy program in Olympia, Washington providing expertise in fundraising as well as team evaluation.  She also works with the Providence Centralia PAWS Program.

Boy hugging golden retriever puppy